Magma Pulse MIG 205P

Magma Pulse MIG 205P
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Sveiseapparat MAGMA® Pulse MIG 205P

MIG sveiseapparat for den mer erfarne sveiser. Koster litt mer, men med mange muligheter.



Welding semi-automatic machine 3 in1 PULSEMIG 205 200A (Norsk tekst kommer)

The Magma PULSEMIG 205 is a multifunctional 3in1 inverter welding machine designed for welding with the following methods:






* TIG DC-lift



Magma PULSEMIG 205 is a modern inverter source offering many possibilities when performing welding work. Thanks to the use of modern IGBT technology and high-quality components, PULSEMIG devices are ideally suited for professional welding work in industries such as automotive, metal constructions and many others. The intuitive digital control panel allows you to quickly set all the most important welding parameters. Reliability, a wide range of applications make PULSEMIG devices satisfy even the most demanding users. Versatility is one of the greatest advantages of PULSEMIG devices. The pulse welding function in MIG / MAG and TIG mode (with full pulse modulation) gives users unlimited possibilities when welding steel, stainless steel, acid resistant steel and aluminum alloys.The PULSEMIG welder allows welding of the most popular metals.


In the MIG / MAG method: carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloys and welding without shielding gas, with FCAW (core) powder wire.

The device enables the selection of parameters for the  process using CuSi wire. In the TIG DC LIFT method, the welding machine allows welding of all types of steel, ie carbon, alloy, stainless steel, acid resistant steel, as well as copper alloys, such as bronze or brass. MMA mode (coated electrode), allows welding with all types of electrodes, eg alkaline, cellulose, rutile or acid



  • compact, compact design,
  • small dimensions and low weight,
  • IGBT transistors,
  • 35% efficiency,
  • possibility of self-shield wire welding (FLUX),
  • easy to use control panel,
  • multifunctional LCD display,
  • LCD display of the work program,
  • the ability to save 9 individual programs,
  • a very wide range of welding functions:

- PRE and POST GAS - gas flow before and after welding.

- SPOT - a function for tacking metal elements.

- INDUCTANCE - appropriately selected welding inductance, contributes to the reduction of spatter. It depends on the diameter of the welding wire, the shielding gas used, the current and the welding position. The reduction of the inductance makes the arc more stable and concentrated, and the increase contributes to the formation of a more liquid pool and reduction of spatter. Properly selected is characterized by a stable arc, uniform transfer of liquid metal droplets, maintaining a constant size of the weld pool and a characteristic repetitive sound without splashes or explosions.

- PULS - pulse current function, is mainly used for welding thin elements (even 0.1mm thick), low melting metals, e.g. lead, or for welding in forced positions. Other advantages of pulsating current welding are a smaller zone of heat influence, higher arc stability and a greater depth of penetration and an improved appearance of the weld face.

- HOT START - a function that increases the current when the arc is ignited, facilitating the start of welding.

- ARC FORCE - a function that stabilizes the welding process, by maintaining the value of welding arc voltage regardless of its length and facilitates control over the amount of spatter.




  • MMA current,
  • MIG / MAG voltage,
  • TIG current,
  • pre and post-gas,
  • SPOT (MIG),
  • PULS modulation (MIG, TIG),
  • dual-function ADJUST knob (coarse and fine adjustment).



  • TIG, MIG / MAG welder, MMA PULSEMIG 205P,
  • TIG SRT 26-4m handle,
  • MIG / MAG MB25-3m holder,
  • mass holder 3m,
  • electrode holder 3m,
  • Teflon cartridge of the MIG / MAG holder,
  • 2 rollers for ALU and STAL wire,
  • additional operating elements (nozzles, connectors, sleeves),
  • instruction manual in Polish and a warranty card.



  • Power supply voltage: 230V ± 10%
  • Frequency [Hz]: 50/60
  • Security [A]: 25
  • Power consumption [kVA]: 6.7

Parameters - MIG / MAG:

  • Welding current range [A]: 30 - 200
  • Rated output voltage [V]: 14-26
  • Work cycle for ambient temperature 40oC: 35% / 200 A


Welding with pulse function:

  • Pulse base voltage [V]: 14-26
  • Pulsing voltage [V]: 14-26
  • Pulse modulation [%]: 10 - 90
  • Pulse frequency [Hz]: 10 - 250
  • Wire feed speed [m / min]: 1.5 - 15
  • Spot welding time [s]: 0.1 - 15
  • Diameter of welding wire [mm]: 0.6; 0.8; 1.0
  • Feeder type: 2R
  • Rolls included: 0.8 - 1.0V; 0.8 - 1.0U
  • Handle type: MB25
  • Max. Size of the reel with welding wire: D200, 5kg
  • Gas outflow before welding [s]: 0-5
  • Gas outflow after welding [s]: 0-10
  • Parameters - TIG DC: Welding current range [A]: 10 - 200
  • Work cycle for ambient temperature 40oC: 35% / 200 A

Pulsed current welding:

  • Pulse base current [A]: 10 - 200
  • pulsing current [A]: 10 - 200
  • Pulse modulation [%]: 10 - 90
  • Pulse frequency [Hz]: 0.1 - 500

  • Gas outflow before welding [s]: 0-5
  • Gas outflow after welding [s]: 0-10

Parameters - MMA:

  • Welding current range [A]: 10 - 175
  • Output voltage without load [V]: 60
  • Work cycle for ambient temperature 40oC: 35% / 175 A



  • Insulation class: S
  • Level of security: IP21
  • Weight [kg]: 23
  • Dimensions LxWxH [mm]: 550x240x460
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